Kate has this incredible ability to look at each individual and see their potential. Some teachers lead with ego and simply push you to do as they do.

Kate really works to get the best from YOU and what you’re capable of, as an individual.

She adapts her coaching to suit different people and their different needs. She focuses on, and really sees each person, enabling her to see where you’re trying to get to and how to guide you there. 

I went to Kate after a very difficult time in my life. I wasn’t in a place where I even wanted to be open or truly receptive.


Kate’s consciousness, gentle patience and sincerity pulled me in. I rediscovered my passion, my creativity and parts of myself I’d lost. She really helped me to find confidence to get myself on track and to just let go and have fun!!

I can’t sing her praises enough. She’s fabulous!


Vicki S , teacher. Ireland.

Vicki S.



I went to see Kate because I wanted to boost my confidence and my creative skills.

I work in a highly competitive field and stress is omnipresent.

Kate really prepares her sessions to suit your personality and tap into what gives you joy. This enables you to quickly understand how you can use emotional potential to put your genuine personality  into your creative work.  
Kate is constantly praising your efforts so you feel supported along the way. She gently nudges you back on tract if you meander away from your objective.

Her sessions are really well structured and you can measure your progress from one session to the other.

I loved her very anglo-saxon and pragmatic approach which were exactly what i needed.
Kate is a precious person both on a professional and a personal level. It's a pleasure to work with her.


Nathalie W

TV Format doctor - acquisition, development, production& stratégy.  Paris, France.



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