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I read this beautiful poem by the French author Jacques Laccarière in the Gospel of Thomas, translated and commented by Jean-Yves Leloup.

I find it amazingly powerful . Simple and powerful.

To be naked is to remember that our essence, our innocence and to cast away all our identifications with roles and situations.

Unlearning. Deconditioning your birth. Forgetting your name. Going naked.

Sloughing away your last remains. Disrobing your memory. Melting down your masks.

Ripping up your duties. Dismantling your certainties. Disconnecting your doubts. Losing control of your being.

your springs. Unmapping your roads. Shearing your desires. Gutting your passions.

Desacralizing the prophets. Discrediting the future. Overturning the past. Discouraging time.

Unknotting unreason. Deflowering delirium. Defrocking the sacred. Sobering up from vertigo.

Defacing Narcissus. Delivering Gilead. Deposing Moloch. Dethroning Leviathan.

Demystifying blood. Dissecting the monkey. Disinheriting the ancestor.

Unburdening your soul. Unfailing your failures. Disenchanting your despair. Unchaining your hope.

Delivering your madness. Defusing your fears. Disencumbering your heart. Disappointing your Death.

Debasing your basis. Shredding your acquisitions.

Unlearn. Become naked.

 - Jacques Lacarriere 


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