Vicky S.


"Some teachers lead with ego and simply push you to do as they do. 

Kate does the exact opposite.

She has this incredible ability to look at each individual and see their potential. 

Kate really works to get the best from YOU and what you’re capable of, as an individual. 

She adapts her coaching to suit different people and their different needs. She focuses on, and really sees each person, enabling her to see where you’re trying to get to and how to guide you there. 

I went to Kate after a very difficult time in my life..... 

Kate’s consciousness, gentle patience and sincerity pulled me in.

I rediscovered my passion, my creativity and parts of myself I'd lost.

She really helped me to find confidence to get myself on track and to just let go and have fun!!

I can’t sing her praises enough.

She’s fabulous!  "

Lou C.


Kate is a very empathic human being who is very benevolent with her students..

Through the techniques we used, I learned to ground myself and enjoy the present moment.

Kate enabled me to identify and accept

my emotions, the ones that felt good and the ones that were uncomfortable.

She also taught me to trust my intuition.


I now know myself better .

I love and accept  myself a lot better too. 

Thank-you,  Kate ! 

I've been blessed with an insatiable curiosity for people ! 

 I love meeting people and discovering what motivates them, what they dream about and what brings them joy.  


    I recently moved from Paris,where I lived for 35 years, to the fun and beautiful town of Brighton. 


I speak both French and English but the language of my soul is creativity.

Nothing gives me more joy than to help other people reach their highest potential


by reigniting their creative energy. 

Iris L. Alb

Actress, Singer, Model

 "Working with Kate turned out to be one of the best ideas in my life !


had absolutely lost my self confidence . I was at I was at the point where I almost hated acting...

Kate’s way of being, her kindness and her sense of humour worked on me like magic!

She helped me reconnect to a sense of childlike fun... I just focussed on enjoying every moment.

Today I still use the exercises she taught me and I am very satisfied with my life and career ! '

Manuel H.

Export manager, Wine distributor

Kate is one of these rare people who has a profound impact on you as a person...

She nourishes your soul and literally reveals to you the inner treasures you didn’t know you possessed.


I laughed as I learned...

Thank-you, kate for your ability to “see” me, your benevolence, your enthusiasm, your love of the human soul.

You are a lighthouse that guides my way. 

Nathalie W.

 TV entertainment specialist, format expert, content developer and hunter

I went to see Kate because I wanted to boost my confidence and my creative skills.

I work in a highly competitive field and stress is omnipresent....

Kate helped me understand how I could use my emotional potential  &  personality  into my creative work.  

Kate praised my efforts constantly : l felt totally supported...

Kate is a precious person both on a professional and a personal level. It's a pleasure to work with her.

Sarah N.

Legal Counsel

Kate's sessions were the highlight of my week.


...Kate taught me how to relax with various techniques from sophrology: it really helped me wind down after work. I still use these techniques in my daily life, whenever I feel under pressure! 

Kate creates a friendly and warm atmosphere and she really adapts her teaching to our personality. We don’t compare our results to those of others but continue to make progress at our own rhythm.

Kate’s classes are a lot of fun!

We learn and laugh..relax and accept ourselves just as we are. 

Kate helps us to trust and believe in ourselves.  Thank-you, Kate

Isabelle Jespersen


The fist thing that struck me about Kate is her benevolence, her gentle approach, her ability to truly listen and perceive the hidden treasures inside each of her students.

She helps everyone discover their inner gem , help them shine in their unique way.

Kate is passionate about her work, she is also very altruistic and has a zen attitude.

This allows us to dissolve our inner blocks, our complexes and invest the whole of our personality into our work. In a relaxed way. 


Kate is inspiring ..a shining role-model to let passion and generosity infuse what we do.


I miss you ! 

Jessica Anjara

Singer, dancer, musician.

The one word that comes to my mind when i think of Kate is “benevolence”.

Every week, Kate created a safe and comfortable space where we could all express ourselves and be vulnerable, learn and make progress at our own personal pace.

Kate listens deeply, is never judgemental and always gives constructive feedback that helps you make progress.

I am now much more confident and daring than before.

i’ve leant a great deal about myself not only as an artist but also as a human being.

Kate’s teaching nudged me to carry on with my artistic career when I was feeling stuck.

I’ll always be grateful to her.

Karina. V

E Learning professional

Kate is a genuine human being who sincerely listens to each person she works with.

Kate brings years of experience she can pass on to us with great professionalism, kindness, and grace.

Thanks to her rich teachings, one can step closer to who they truly are (and have fun through it all).

There is a before and an after “Kate”.

Caroline Delage


I love the way Kate approaches people. 

She gave my daughter confidence while respecting her personality.

She establishes wonderful links with her students..helping them grow and assert themselves.

She establishes a sense of trust and mutual respect that is very strong and very rare.

Kate sees her clients , sees their potential and gives them the tools they need to achieve their highest.

She’s very empathic, gentle , sensitive and intelligent.

It’s a gift to work with her.

Yann Ruchong Zhao

Computer programming

Kate is expremely professional. She knows her work and how to adapt her teaching to her students..

She caters for amateurs and professionals alike and we all learn to free our talent and be bold.

I love her personality : very sensitive , open and dynamic. Kate is also very conscientious.

She’s great with groups..a gentle and natural leader- she is generous and puts her students in the limelight.

The happy and creative life

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