Do you sometimes feel stuck ?

Struggling to find new ideas and don’t know what to do ?


We are all born creative but are “educated” out of it and instead, learn to conform &

to “play it safe”.


We lose confidence in our creative ability. 

                                  We think "creativity" is only for artists and we don't understand how activating

our creative nature can help us in our daily lives.

Creativity is about making connections. Bringing together ideas & feelings in a novel way.


Albert Einstein said, “You can’t solve problems with the same mindset that created them.”

In other words, if we want to resolve issues, we need to change our way of looking at them .


This can be applied to all fields of life.


Our relationships for example; at work and in our private sphere.

 Rather than trying to put pressure on others to change, rather than thinking "my way or your way", we can tap into our creativity to see problems as opportunities to grow and connect in a more authentic and meaningful way.


    By learning the Creative Process, we find the time,

                                                                      the energy

                                                                      the motivation,   to do the things that matter 


   We experience what it is to be fully alive.


The 7 "Rs" of the Creative Process  


  1. ​Relaxing

  2. Releasing the inner critic,

  3. Reinforcing our sense of self worth

  4. Reconnecting with our 5 senses,  

  5. Rekindling a childlike sense of fun and wonder

  6. Reawakening our imagination,

  7. Renewing our way of thinking with cross pollination 




If you too want to get out of the rut,

leave the comfort zone that is stifling you and 


Find your authentic expression.


Register NOW 

and start living the Happy and Creative Life


that you were always meant to lead!

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The happy and creative life

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